Friends of The Gardeners Co.

Our friends

Below you'll find a list of our friends, these are organisations and businesses that we work with and are always shouting about in our gardens for inspiration.

Feverfew Garden Co. 

Founded by the lovely Rachel, Feverfew is the UK's first garden wear brand created for women and they sell the most AMAZING gloves. We've been using these gloves since they first launched and have always been impressed by the quality, attention to detail and sheer beauty of the design. Rachel's had an incredible first year and now has an ever-growing selection of items that you're going to love.

Garden Folk Magazine

At Garden Folk, we want to inspire everyone to start gardening and provide real gardening stories to inspire you on your journey. Shan and Tan are proud writers for the magazine and contribute monthly articles to this amazing publication to inspire people of all ages to get growing. Plus, the magazine features lots of our favourite Instagram gardeners which we love to hear from!

Shell on Earth

Shan has been using Shell On Earth since her first year of gardening back in 2019 when she tested out the products slug repelling abilities and she's used it ever since. From dusting around the base of your brassicas to topping houseplants, these gorgeous crushed shells are so useful. In 2022, the shells were the most talked about aspect of Shan's 'Protect our Playground' community allotment at RHS Hampton Court Palace for how they glistened in the sunlight. 

Caley Bros. 

Our mushroom inspiration are this sister duo who have done amazing things in the past few years getting people growing their own mushrooms at home. Their new book, Project Mushroom has been such an inspiration for us with getting growing in our own garden from totems and straw towers to button mushroom crate and pink oysters grown on books! 

The Rose Press Garden

The Rose Press Garden is the reason Shan started growing flowers with Lizzie's simple, educational and absolutely stunning monthly seed subscription boxes. Containing varieties you've never heard of, bulbs, tubers, plants and more, this is a business we've absolutely loved watching grow over the past few years and they support us with plants, seeds and supportive messages all year long.

P.s. You can get 50% of your first box with code: LADYGARDENER50

Our funders

Thanks to these organisations and funders, we're able to run a range of subsidised and free sessions throughout the year.